Break the cycle

Individuals who create a quiet retreat from the amplified ‘noise’ of our ever more complex lives enjoy more energy, focus and overall satisfaction, creating centeredness even the midst of turmoil, setting more realistic goals and achieve them. 

Intentional Transitions©process is designed to create a nurturing, yet challenging, space to allow you to reflect, examine, assess, and generate new goals, strategies and tactics for achieving them.

Advances in neuroscience clearly demonstrate that you can ‘rewire’ your brains and bodies to better focus energy, creating productive habits and eliminate or minimize unproductive ones. 

Benefits of coaching:

  • Neuroplasticity demonstrates you can rewire your brain with your thoughts
  • Due to a process called myelination, the more a pathway is used, the stronger it becomes 
  • Coaching offers focus and support needed to develop new pathways
  • Coaches challenge clients to stretch out of  comfort zones, encouraging you to make bold leaps
  • Coaches help people identify the pathways that are not working and focus on creating new ones that lead to more resonant, effective, fulfilling lives. Back
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