Insight: A glimpse into the true nature of a situation

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Insight Process©: Creative Strategic Planning

What's the use of running if you're not on the right road

                                            - West African saying

You want on target results. We begin by doing our homework. First, we work with you to understand and agree on the project goal. Next, we conduct internal and external research to place project objectives in proper context. Then we work with the proven philosophy that "group wisdom" yields the best results. We help you to create an appropriate internal team and conduct our Insight Process©, engaging leadership along with selected participants in a highly creative, yet focused brainstorming session designed to

  • Verify goals and objectives
  • Define audiences,
  • Identify blocks and barriers, and
  • Evolve tactics and tools.

Based on results of the Insight Process© , we produce an internally-driven strategic plan with rank-ordered priorities and measurable results.

Marketing /Educational Materials

Understanding your audience is the first step to success. We research audiences for targeted results, then write, design, and produce brochures, books, newsletters, press kits, fact sheets, speeches, and audio-visual presentations.

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